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Flips Audio

The Challenge

When Flips Audio—the first and only headphone-speaker hybrid—asked us to amplify their engagement, we turned it up to 11. Flips Audio (launched on May 16, 2013) needed to create a lasting impression in the hyper-competitive audio-electronic space, where even an innovative product like Flips Audio can have trouble being heard above all the noise.

In September 2013, Flips Audio approached Firebrand Group to identify their target markets, create a brand voice, generate awareness, and increase engagement through digital channels.

The Work

Our first step was to align both internal and external Flips Audio communications with the brand’s personality traits, creating a perception of the brand that all Flips customers would remember for years to come. To ensure it was easy to remember, we defined five essential personality traits and referred to them by the acronym FLIPS: Foolproof, Loud, Innovative, Passionate, and Social.

Firebrand Group then created three customer profiles to embody the different versions of what the common Flips user represents. We named these customers Jake, May, and Will, and the main differentiators were age and interests. Jake, May, and Will helped bring our project to life: we generated a strategy to acquire fans through promoted content, basing our selections off of interests consistent with their profiles.

Throughout the past year, we’ve continued to build and execute a content strategy for Flips by:

  • Providing creative direction to launch social images that are timely, relevant, and on-brand, maximizing engagement
  • Engaging with fans on a daily basis, chiming in on topics related to sports and music, and live-tweeting during music-related events including the AMAs and VMAs
  • Launching creative campaigns—the most notable is our holiday campaign #FlipsGivesBack, which partnered the brand with influencers who represent musicians and athletes to obtain memorabilia for Flips Audio fans
  • Developing a digital strategy to support on-site activations such as American Idol and most recently New York Fashion Week

The Results

Flips built its brand around transforming solo listening into a crowd pleasing social experience, and we were thrilled to help make their own social presence a true reflection of their fun, interactive identity. We saw engagement go off the charts: Flips’ unique visitors increased by 187.37%, while bounce rate decreased by 94.58%. And without missing a beat, revenue climbed, too. Since we started working together, Flips:

  • Ranked #3 on Time Magazine’s list of the 7 top-selling items online, after just seven months on the market
  • Increased its total e-commerce sales by 52.14% in the first 4 months
  • Reached 56,465,781 impressions on Facebook and Twitter combined from October 2013–Sept 8, 2014
  • Achieved a Klout of 71 during #FlipsGivesBack, the highest score of its history
November 12, 2013