The Challenge

Denny & Mark’s Pro-Am Jam is a private, guest-listed event to raise funds and awareness for their charities and for the participants to hang out with their peers and have a good time. Previously, the organizers were hesitant to share the event on social media for fear of disruption by paparazzi or fans. This year the event sold out of sponsorships in record time, and they wanted to beat their previous fundraising efforts by increasing participant engagement and showing special appreciation to their sponsors. Our mission was to interact on social media to develop on-site engagement, increase sponsorship visibility, and provide a behind-the-scenes experience to those online. The Pro-Am Jam team decided to hire a Social Concierge team only a few days before the event, leaving Firebrand Group limited days to prepare – but luckily for them, we know how to work miracles.

The Work

Before arriving at the event, we used our top-secret social prep formula by ensuring all social pages were adhering to best practices, following key influencers on relevant networks, creating lists and setting up analytics for monitoring results. Upon arrival we setup Snapcastr to preview all the social engagement in real-time, and only approve content that falls within brand guidelines to be posted live to attendees on the big-screen social media walls. When engaging with attendees, we always used that designated hashtag #PAJ2014 and guided them to use it the next time they uploaded a post. We aided social engagement by posting at peak times, having continued conversations with participants, and adopting a friendly, yet professional voice. To increase the buzz around the auction and convert followers into donors, we shared snapshots of Denny and Mark signing items, giving the participants a sneak peek into the items up for auction. This also enabled us to engage fans online by providing them with a unique look into the behind-the-scenes activities. The fans enjoyed seeing their favorite celebs like never before, chilling out and doing something for a good cause. A particular highlight was viewing unlikely friendships blossom, like Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC singing with his new pal Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors. To keep the momentum going during Day 2 of the event, we mixed in highlights from the concert with the golf tournament. As a special thank you to event sponsors, we engaged with their teams on the course and shared photos of the branded experience tents; thereby increasing their social visibility and encouraging their association at future events.

The Results

Denny & Mark’s Pro-Am Jam was a 2-day event with 600 concert goers and 170 golf tournament participants.

  • 5.1 million impressions
  • 45.83% of tweets retweeted
  • 2,166% increase in Instagram followers
  • Generated $500k, up 40% from last year