Founded by industry experts who specialize in innovative, sophisticated corporate events, charity galas, and exhibitions, Eventique has a reputation for creating unforgettable experiences for domestic and international clients in locations both familiar and exotic

Firebrand teamed up with the event orchestrators extraordinaire, and acted as Eventique’s digital party planners¬†by live-Tweeting a series of high-profile events in the entertainment industry. Covering these live events had a significant impact on engagement and interaction with Eventique’s audience.

Between December 16, 2014 and January 8, 2015, there were no live events. Eventique received 101K+ impressions.

Between January 16 and February 8, we live-Tweeted The Apprentice, Biz Bash, and The Grammys. During this time, Eventique received 365k+ impressions, a 27.1% increase in incoming messages, and Twitter follower growth doubled.

We’d call that cause for celebration.